10 tips for making resolutions last

The new year is a popular time for making resolutions, setting goals, and trying to be our better selves. Gym memberships skyrocket, catchy self-help books briefly get more attention than dessert-themed cookbooks, Goodwill donation piles gather, and most notably, our “to-do” lists increase expansively. Good intentions look great on paper and often help us feelContinue reading “10 tips for making resolutions last”

Ten Ways to Set Boundaries with Your Smart Phone

Take a break from your phone each day for at least 10 minutes. Walk around the block, run an errand, or exercise without your phone.  Set your phone settings to dim two hours before bedtime each night.  Try deleting a few social media apps and use your internet browser to access them if you reallyContinue reading “Ten Ways to Set Boundaries with Your Smart Phone”