Practice Focus

My practice focuses on individual psychotherapy for adults from all walks of life. Typically, I meet with clients 1-2 times per week. Length of treatment time varies based on each person’s own progress and particular needs. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

My treatment approach mainly focuses on psychodynamic psychotherapy though I may use other methods as well, such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems therapy.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on learning how your past impacts the present by exploring your emotions, looking at avoidance patterns, identifying reoccurring themes, uncovering your inner world, and analyzing your relationships. By exploring your beliefs, thinking styles, and ways of responding to emotions, you can better understand what works for you and what you wish to change. This evidence-based style of therapy also aims to help you increase self-awareness so that you can expand your capacity to better respond to change: to lower your anxiety and depression, to improve your relationships, and to suffer less.

My style is down to earth, interactive, and insightful, with a focus on clearly explaining psychological complexities in a way that is practical and useful to you. In each session, I will ask you specific questions, provide you with my clinical interpretations, and give you honest feedback. Sessions are often a blend of exploring in-depth issues while using realistic strategies and coping skills.

In our work together, you might expect to:

  • Learn to effectively manage your emotions
  • Change your reactions to stressful situations
  • Work on resolving repeated disappointments and unwanted behaviors
  • Let go of shame
  • Explore ways to glean more meaning and purpose in your life
  • Better understand how your past experiences shape your current reality
  • Get a better hold of obsessive behaviors and thoughts